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In my opinion, the quality of skiing and riding at Lookout Pass and Silver Mountain cannot be beat for deep champagne powder dumps and uncrowded slopes. However, it is interesting to see how well we compare with 207 other Ski Areas across the nation.
This area offers a full complement of bicycle venues, including the paved 72 mile Trail of the Coeur d'Alenes, the Route of the Hiawatha mountain bike adventure, and many cross-country, uphill and downhill trails. 318 bicycle resources found here.
Shoshone County is a four season mountain recreation paradise, so we always have an interest in outdoor adventure. But adventures also happen elsewhere as shown by these tweets from 286 mountain recreation enthusiasts.
Besides world class bicycling on paved paths and mountain trails, this region offers many other amusements and opportunities within a couple of days drive from the Silver Valley. Here are tweets from 109 regional commentators.


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