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   annotations Whether you are retired and looking for a quiet place to live that is more historic than you are, or young and passionate about living in the heart of a mountain recreation paradise, or a lone eagle lifting your wings on a flight from the city, looking for both low overhead and high scenery, Wallace has what you are looking for! This page is devoted to giving prospective transplants details about the quality of life in modern Wallace, AND to providing useful contact information that locals may need as well.

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Silver Valley Real Estate Jim Hendrixson, REALTOR, Silver Valley Realty
Jim Hendrixson, REALTOR®
Silver Valley Realty, Wallace Office
517 Bank Street

(208) 556-0223
fax (208) 556-1003
cell(208) 512-1294
Silver Valley real estate listings

   According to an April 23, 2008, query to the Coeur d'Alene Multiple Listing Service, the average price for the 24 Silver Valley homes sold so far this year was $129,917, compared with an average of $153,289 for the 47 homes sold last year by this time. The average price for the 7 Wallace homes bought this year was $107,929, compared with $144,780 for the 5 Wallace homes sold last year by this time.

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shoshone county in northern Idaho Wallace, population 960, is one of seven incorporated towns in the beautiful Silver Valley. Interstate 90 and the South Fork of the Coeur d'Alene River run down the middle of this forty mile long valley centered between Lookout Pass and Fourth-of-July Pass. The Silver Valley is contained by Shoshone County, population 13,771. Traveling on I-90, the lake resort town of Coeur d'Alene is less than fifteen miles west of Fourth-of-July Pass, and the Montana border is a dozen miles east of Wallace at Lookout Pass. The closest major airports are in Spokane, Washington (32 miles west of Coeur d'Alene on I-90) and Missoula, Montana (108 miles east of Lookout Pass on I-90).

North of Wallace, over Dobson Pass, is the vast North Fork of the Coeur d'Alene River Basin recreational area, while 30 miles south of Wallace, over Moon Pass, is the town of Avery on the St. Joe River. The headwaters of this "Wild and Scenic River" entertain fly fisherfolk, rafters, kayakers, hikers and hunters from spring through fall. Moon Pass is not plowed however, so the area between Wallace and Avery becomes a winter wonderland for snowmobilers and backcountry skiers.

The Idaho Department of Commerce says that 79% of this 1,685,760 acre geographic region is owned by the federal and state governments. Logging and mining companies own another 10-15% of the land, but allow public recreational access to their holdings for the most part. It works out to a population density of 5 people/square mile in Shoshone County. The elevation averages 2300 feet in the Silver Valley with a growing season of about 160 days. The weather statistics quoted below may easily be compared to the present reality by clicking on either the icons or the Lookout Pass webcam image.
click to see the current weather on nearby Coeur d'Alene Lake
Coeur d'Alene Lake
I-90, Montana Exit 0, Lookout Pass, camera facing northwest click to see the current weather on Lookout Pass
Lookout Pass
Annual Mean Precipitation 25.8 "
Mean Snowfall 48.8 "
Average January Low Temperature 21.8
Average July High Temperature 86.0
Average July Afternoon Humidity 34 %
POPULATION 1980 1990 2000
Total 19,226 13,931 13,771
per Square Mile 7.3 5.3 5.2
Percent Rural 82.2 81.4 82.6
Percent Urban 17.8 18.6 17.4
INCOME 1980 1990 1996
Per Capita $9,742 $13,762 $16,938
% of National Average 96.8 71.7 69.3
% of Idaho Average 113.6 89.5 85.3

According to the last census, the fastest-growing counties in the U.S. are the low-density areas located near higher-density areas, such as Summit and Eagle counties in Colorado along the I-70 corridor. The mountain community growth phenomenon is part of a larger national trend. ... Individuals, as well as corporations, seeking improved "quality of life" are moving to mountain communities in record numbers. ... Technology advancements also help fuel this trend by allowing people to "telecommute" and live outside urban settings. Perhaps one of the most underestimated factors driving mountain community development is the maturing, increasingly successful baby boom generation that has the interest and financial resources to live where they choose.
Michael Berry, President
National Ski Areas Association

Denver Post, 12/20/98

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Did you know?
  • In 2002, the readers of the Boise Weekly voted WALLACE to be the "Best City in Idaho."
  • In 2003, a popular internet site ranked WALLACE #24 in the top 30 places to buy a second home.

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Contact Information

for Locals and Folks Thinking about Relocating to Wallace

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A new Junior/Senior High School has been built in Wallace. Begun in the spring of 2002, the outer walls were almost completed by the end of summer. Occupancy was taken on schedule in fall 2003. At this point, the old school was supposed to be demolished and a veterans memorial park put in its place. The original location for new school shown on the aerial photo, was adjusted to move the building out of the 100-year flood plain.
However, there was considerable interest by many in town to somehow find a way to save the Memorial Gym built with public contributions in 1947 to honor our World War veterans. So at the last minute, a corporation was formed to do just that. Therefore, only the west wing of the old school was demolished to make a parking lot. Possible uses for the "reclaimed" Civic Auditorium and east wing of the old school are currently being explored. A business incubator has been discussed. Suggestions are welcome!

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Health Care

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Civic Organizations

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